Outdoor Gathering Service

Let us join together IN PERSON for this blessed Sunday here at Westside.

In compliance with the restrictions of “Outdoor Gatherings” please register each member individually (including infants and children). Over 18 years old must provide a telephone number or email address. This information will be retained for thirty days then destroyed.

Register here!

How to register:

  1. Select “register”
  2. Please select all who apply from your household
  3. The option of “add someone else” is there if you would like to add someone who is not in your household.
  4. Confirm contact information for each person (18 ) as we need this for contact tracking
  5. Select “Complete Registration”

You can edit/cancel your registration at any time.

We will welcome a maximum of 50 people with appropriate physical
distancing limits in the main auditorium.

By registering you have read, understand, and agree to the following:
Outside Gathering Covid Safety Plan
Self-Assessment Tool

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