Family Camp 2023

Chubb Lake Family Camp – What’s It All About?

by Erika Giesbrecht

May Camp at Chubb Lake is a change of pace for everyone. It’s a chance to get to know people in a different way than on a Sunday morning. What a better way to start a new friendship than by scrubbing toilets together, cleaning up dishes after a delicious meal or sitting on the deck with your feet dangling above the icy Chubb Lake water? Am I right? It’s a time to get away from the mundane.

Chubb Lake is a mere 45 mins south of Prince George. There are cabins to stay in and spots to park your trailer. There are bathrooms and showers … no outhouses here. We can’t guarantee that the water will always be hot or that the water pressure will be full, but we can guarantee that the toilets will flush … most of the time. There is a huge field to play baseball, a beach volleyball court, a dock to sit on, horseshoes to play, plus a park for the little ones. If you’re brave enough, there is the “refreshing” icy waters of Chubb Lake. If you’re not brave enough to get fully wet, there might be a canoe or kayak around to try out.

We eat our meals together in the mess hall. Often, we have two meal times so we accommodate everyone but don’t worry, there will always be plenty of food. We also use the mess hall to play board games, visit, pray etc. The chapel is where we meet for worship and sharing.

What makes May Camp successful is the community coming together. There are small jobs to be done and if you’re coming to May Camp we would love to find a place for you to serve. I remember, as a kid, feeling like I had earned my place when I found my name on the job board. We do assign people to jobs but also would love to hear from you if there is a job that you’d love to do. Trust me this will not take away from the camp experience but rather add to the camp experience and memories. You will not miss out on anything, you will even gain some perks, such as eating before the rest of the camp, because who doesn’t want to eat first?!?!?  We will be sending boards around during church in the coming weeks in addition to having the job board at camp.

Clean-up crew: This is done after meals and involves clearing the tables and taking items to the garbage or to the kitchen to be cleaned

Serving of the meals: Helping serve the meals

After-service night treats: The trays and treats will be prepped. All you’ll have to do is serve the treats and hot chocolate and then just a bit of tidying up afterward.

Drink Bar: This involves ensuring that juice and coffee are made and ready for people to self serve themselves during the meals

We also ask that anyone coming to camp, please bring some treats to share with the rest of the camp. So now is the time to show off your baking skills. These items can be dropped off in the kitchen when you arrive and we will be sure that they make it out to the after-service night treats.

We are hoping you will join us, whether it’s for the whole weekend or just the day, we look forward to connecting with you and hope that you’ll use this as a time to connect with others.

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