Future Direction Committee

Listening to God's Heart for Our Church

Looking Ahead

About Our Committee

The Future Direction Committee was formed following the 2022 Westside AGM.

Our task is to collect feedback, ideas, and vision for where God wants Westside to be positioned as a church in the coming years.


  • We believe God has something amazing for Westside
  • Each person in Westside has a voice and each voice should be heard in a way that feels safe for that person
  • Pursuing the question: What is God doing in Westside, what does He have for us in the future?

“Never settle for protecting the old, when God has called us to create the new.”

What we're doing to collect feedback


Phase 2: In-person Connection
(July - August)

We will meet with individuals, home groups, ministry groups, etc… to facilitate discussion and collect feedback, ideas, and vision in face-to-face settings.

We will post a schedule for any general feedback sessions - open to all members of the church.

Phase 3: Compile & Present Report
(Late September)

We will compile and summarize feedback into a report. The report will be presented to Elders, leadership, and the congregation.

We will share more details about Phase 3 and the next steps at a later time.

Our Team

Feel free to connect with any of us. We want to hear from you.

Brandan Spyker


Lynn Primus


Rod Walker


Stephanie Wall


Tim Hermiston


Toni Boer


We encourage members to provide feedback through our questionnaire and in-person sessions.

If you have questions or want to send in a longer piece of feedback, you can send us an email.

Email us: