Bud Centre Christmas

Arrival in Sri Lanka

Pastor Marlo Johnson

I landed in Sri Lanka at 2 a.m. Saturday, December 17th and arrived at Nish and Kristin’s place around 6 a.m. Straight to bed for a quick nap, then a shower, and I was off to the BUD Center Christmas program!  The kids who attend the BUD Centre sang, danced, and performed a drama for their families.  It was a wonderful day, where Nish’s brother (a pastor) shared the gospel with the children and their families.

Nish and Kristin have developed a strong community, and it was easy to see the love expressed within it.  At the end of the program, every child received a gift bag and every family received a hamper.  We are a part of this ministry as the hampers were funded by a gift from Westside.  What a blessing to partner with Nish, Kristin, and the other workers at the BUD Centre.  Truly, it was a great day and what a great way to kick off my time in Sri Lanka.  Pray that the message shared will impact both the kids and their families.


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