Kandangama October Report

October 2020 Update

From the Kandangama’s @ the Bud Centre Sri Lanka

Greetings to you all! We hope and pray that this fall season has been filled with thankfulness. That the blessings in our lives overshadow all the negative circumstances in our world. I think we can all collectively agree that serving a God who is above all things, gives us much to be thankful for and find hope in.

On that note, as a family we are thankful for our health, home, family, support, and God’s ever present help. Here is a look at what’s new and happening in and through our lives. We share because we appreciate your prayer and support that year after year you have faithfully provided for us.

Family Expansion

Big News! Our family is expanding again and we welcome another little bundle of joy this coming January. We are thrilled and our kids can hardly wait. In this season of waiting it has provided a lot of rest for me as this little one grows and develops. We will have the baby here in Sri Lanka. The same doctor who delivered Mikaela and Jayden will take care of this delivery as well. Please pray for the health and safe delivery of this little one. Pray for us all as we adjust our lives to help this little one thrive in the world.

Christmas is coming

It won’t be long and Christmas will be here. That means we usually are preparing and prepping for our annual hamper and shoe box. As well as, we are usually practicing for carols and Sunday school Christmas programs but this year looks like it won’t be possible. Things will look a bit different this year but we still want to do the hamper project because it truly is a blessing to so many. We had some funds carry over from last year but we are looking for people like you to get involved financially. If you have it on your heart to bless a family this Christmas please contact us or visit the PAOC International missions website and make a donation noting that its for our Christmas project. This way it will go to this special project and not our general operations budget. We hope to raise around $2,000.00 for the entire project. For donations go to www.paoc.org/donate/Nishanthekandangama

The Bud Centre

We reopened the Bud Centre in August on a part time basis. Operating Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday’s. We are not at the capacity we used to be with limited staff and kids unable to attend due to school pressures. On average 10 to 15 kids are in attendance. Nishanthe has also been teaching English classes to some students Wednesday and Friday’s and has about 8 young adult students who are in full time ministry at our brother-in-law’s church near by. We also have reopened a program that we did every Saturday at another location for Tamil children that happens every other Saturday.

However just this week Sri Lanka has seen an increase in Covid cases and therefore as of Monday all schools and extra curricular classes are canceled country wide and we have had to comply with this. So as speak we find ourselves closed once again until further notice. It could be just for the month of October but quite possibly beyond that as well. It has been very challenging to revive the bursting at the seams Centre that we once had.

Building Project

At the beginning of this year we started yet another building project on our property. It was a future guest house for visitors and teams who com o serve at the Bud Centre. Little by little is getting done. Most recent development was the roof that went on. We hope to see it through to completion by early next year if we are able and if funding is available. If your interested in knowing more please email us: nkandangama@paoc.org

Ministry Opportunities

We have been encouraged to have had a few opportunities outside of the Bud Centre to serve. I, Kristin, was asked to share with the youth at Lanka Faith Mission Church at the end of September. They have asked that I share the last Sunday of every month.

Nishanthe was invited to St. John’s Anglican Church for a Children’s Day program and he too was asked to do a second program there in January when the church celebrates their 175th anniversary. Isn’t it amazing how long the word of God has been preached in this nation. Nishanthe also preached last Sunday at Lanka Faith Mission Church. We are grateful for the opportunities God has opened the doors for.

Now we say all this with great enthusiasm but to be very truthful with you as our family, friends and church supporters we are in a very challenging and ever changing time. It feels like we are operating on a day to day basis wondering what lies around the corner for our family and our ministry. We are uncertain more than ever what that looks like when we try and look ahead. Therefore we have a request that you pray with us for direction and clarity. This year looked so different than all the rest but we know it has looked different to all of you as well. We have had great words of wisdom and support from the PAOC leadership and the many of you who have reached out to us during this time.

Visit to Canada

We will consider the possibility of visiting Canada April of 2021 if the health and safety issues are reasonable. We will have a new baby in tow and will be excited to introduce baby number 4 to you all. We hope it will be a time to connect with many of you.

May God continue to be our guide, source, refuge, and strength.

Blessings from the Kandangama’s

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