Westside Kids – March 19, 2020

Help for parents from our Sunday School Director: Ashley Chance—

Due to current events, many of us find ourselves home bound and with extra time. If you are looking for activities to keep your children occupied, or need ideas of how to spiritually encourage them, here are some resources and ideas. Most of these compliment our current Westside Kids curriculum, and some youth resources are included as well.

We have many options and we can’t do them all, but I encourage each of us to try to do something together with our families. Adults have instant access to online sermons/podcasts, and most know where to find them. We can text or call our friends, home group leaders, and pastors for encouragement. However, during this time away from church and school, our children won’t be ministered to unless we the parents do it and provide it. They too need their daily bread.

We know that God will work this together for our good. I am excited and hopeful for His work in my family and all of yours during this time. We are praying families will make many wonderful and unique memories together, connect like they never have before, and God would protect, strengthen, and equip them during this time.

If you have any questions, or you require any additional resources, please email me at ashley.chance@wffpg.ca


 RightNow Media: Westside Family Fellowship provides free access for all members to RightNow Media. There is a ton of great wholesome content available, but my recommendations as a Sunday school teacher would place an emphasis on biblical teaching. Here are some of my recommendations for kids and youth content:

  • Little Bible Heroes (ages 1-4)
  • VeggieTales: Heroes of the Bible Vol. 1 & 2 (ages 2-8)
  • Superbook – available with free resources including the Superbook app, an printable activity based devotional, and online games (ages 5-12)
  • What’s in the Bible?: 1 – 3 – includes colouring pages, family discussion guides, and other printable activities (ages 5-12)
  • The Kingstone Bible Series – especially The Story (age 8+)
  • Finding Truth by Francis Chan – includes free discussion guide and handouts (age 12+)

Online Children’s Services: Due to COVID-19, the Life Church children’s ministry team has developed new and current interactive full length video services for kids age 2 through 6th grade. These will be released each week until Easter with the first service released Friday, March 20th. If you would like access to these please send me an email at ashley.chance@wffpg.ca. I will send them to you when they become available.

Life.Church Media Resources: These children’s videos and online services range from 15-30 minutes. They include biblical teachings, spiritual encouragement, and songs & worship – many with actions for your active little ones! Since they have a large library, I’ve linked videos that complement what your kids are currently learning at Westside Kids:

Ages 1 – 4 Ages 4 – 7 Ages 6 – 11 Ages 10 – 12
In The Beginning The First Sin Two By  Two The Dreamer

A Baby and a Bush

The Brave and Beautiful Queen

A Roaring Rescue

 God’s Good News

Tied Up

Water, Manna, & Quail

Ten Commandments The Golden Calf Tabernacle

The Bronze Serpent

Everyone Sins You Can Trust In God

 Courage Doesn’t Quit

What Do I Worship? Love One Another

 I’m Not Afraid

Series: Who is God?

Series: How To Be Happy

Youth: Here are some great youth message series, or choose your own at Life.Church. Free leader/discussion guides for these messages are found at Open Network, you just need to register.

 YouVersion Bible App for Kids: Bible stories, games, and activities – and it’s free!

Lifeway Kids App: This was created to complement Lifeway curriculum including The Gospel Project for Kids – the curriculum we are currently using for elementary kids at Westside (currently on vol. 1 and 2). The bundles include videos, discussion questions, family activity ideas, and colouring pages. The full version of each volume costs $1.39 but lite versions are available for free.


 Family Worship: Our kids need to see us pray and in worship, especially during this time. Create a family worship playlist and listen to it throughout the day. Set aside intentional time to worship and pray in your living room together. Even better, if you or your kids play an instrument: lead worship, or have them lead or play along. I know worship can be hard with young kids, so give them tools to help them succeed. These can include:

  • Explain why your are worshiping together and what you expect of them
  • Keep it very short at first and gradually increase the length of time you worship
  • Add one or two action bible songs into your playlist (VBS songs on Youtube are great too!)
  • Perform actions for the “adult” songs
  • Provide worship items such as dance ribbons, colouring supplies and blank paper, and children’s bibles
  • Lay out one blanket per small child to be their worship space
  • Have lots and lots of grace!

Family Devotionals: This can include going through a devotional book or program, reading the Bible together, praying together and for each other, and reading children’s bibles and stories to your young children (check Amazon if you don’t have any).

Practice Gratitude: Go around the dinner table and each say three things you’re thankful for, provide notebooks to your older kids for gratitude journaling, keep your language and attitude on what God is doing and will do – our actions will be our children’s greatest teacher.

Sunday School Printables: Our curriculum is digital for Westside Kids elementary and youth classes. I can email you any old activity packet, devotional, or family discussion guide from past lessons for you to print and use at home. Just send me an email at ashley.chance@wffpg.ca to request these.

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