Pokot Orphan Fundraiser

Operation Kid-to-Kid

Hope. Generosity. Impact.

The VBS Kid 2 Kid fundraiser was a huge success!  The goal was to raise $2,000 during the course of the VBS.  With hard work, generosity, and blessing from the Lord the kids raised over $7,700 dollars.  $4,000 will be sent immediately to cover the food needs up to the end of the year.  Pastor Danny is in communications with Pastor Paul concerning any other immediate needs and the ongoing food needs in the new year.  

The work however is not complete.  These kids need to be adopted into loving Pokot families.  Please continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to lead some families to open up their hearts and homes to these kids.  
A huge thank you to all the people that supported the Kid 2 kid fundraiser, you made this possible.
Pastor Lucas


Pokot Orphans

In February 2021 the village of the Pokot people in Kenya were attacked by a neighbouring tribe. Many people were killed, including the parents of 28 children. The youngest of these orphans is three years old and the oldest is eleven. 

They are currently living in two small mud huts as they wait to be adopted into some families in their community – hopefully by the end of this year.

We have been pleased, as a church, to partner with Pastor Paul from Kenya and his ministry called Intouch for over 30 years. This ministry reaches out to some of the most remote and poor regions of their country including a tribe called the Pokot. Early this year a neighbouring tribe started stealing their goats and killing people. In one village in particular, all the adults were murdered leaving 28 children ages 3 to 11 as orphans. A church in the region that Pastor Paul has connection to has taken in the children. We have been giving $944 a month to provide for these children and the hope is that they will be placed with local families by the end of the year. Please consider joining us to help continue meeting the needs of these 28 precious children.

Danny Legault Senior Pastor

Pastor Paul (centre) with the Pokot Orphans

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