Embrace the Cross – Propitiation

Thank you for joining us for Westside Family Fellowship’s online church service for March 28th, 2021! On this episode you will hear encouraging testimonies from members of our congregation, and learn a lot about a theological word you don’t hear in this modern world … propitiation.  It’s the answer to God’s wrath as we continue with the fourth message of the Pastor Danny Legault Embracing The Cross series.


Part 2 of Pastor Danny’s series of messages on The Cross of Christ and what it means to us.  

Who Cares If Christ Was Crucified?

Who Cares If Christ Was Crucified?

Dr. Raphael Samuel answers the question … Who Cares If Christ Was Crucified? (The coherence of the cross in an age of confusion.) Our thanks to Marvin Spencer who helped us by providing some missing audio at the beginning of this message.