Tom Birch takes us into the Book of Revelation to learn about “Overcoming” from the Letter to Pergamum.

Prayer Is a Priority

“People are precious, prayer is a priority, praise is powerful.” In the 1980’s these words established Westside Family Fellowship on a spiritual path that continues today.  In today’s message Pastor Danny Legault unpacks the middle portion of that visionary statement made by Pastor Arlo Johnson at the beginning of this church.

Ezekiel – The Future

The conclusion to a three part look at the book of Ezekiel. Tom Birch skips over most of the book and brings us to the end to examine the “River of God” vision.  

The Living Book – 4

Raphael Samuel returns for this edition of our Small Group Study entitled “The Living Book” and deals with the question “Can we trust this book?”.

The Living Book – 3

Our annual “Small Group Study Sundays” are underway. The main auditorium hosts Dr. Raphael Samuel and Pastor Danny Legault teaching about “The Living Book”. Pastor Danny presents part 3 of 7 entitled “Loving the Word”.