Sunday Service

As you may have heard, new public health orders have been issued for the Northern Health region, effective midnight Oct 14. All in-person church gatherings are prohibited and are to be virtual only. All church functions using the church facilities are cancelled for the time being. These orders were extended indefinitely on November 18th.  We do not know when in-person services will resume.

We will be streaming our service live (minus the congregation) on YouTube at 10 a.m. each Sunday for the duration of this closure order in the Northern Health region. The link for the service is

Just a few hours ago, I read a quote that is good to be reminded of at this time:  “All it takes are two or more gathered together in the name of Jesus. That’s the beginning of occupying your sphere.” We can be encouraged that God will have his way in and through his people even in the midst of limiting times. 

I wrote the following just before we learned of the new restrictions. I still look forward to continuing in our theme of “Controlling the Narrative”.

The promise in Romans 12:2 is momentous. The Apostle Paul assures us that we can and will experience transformation. The idea behind this is not just incremental changes, but an actual change from one state to another. The Greek word here is “metamorphoo” from where we get our English word metamorphosis. This kind of change in our lives points to real world transformation on a most profound level.

This is accomplished, Paul says, through the renewal of our minds. In our Sunday sermon, series I am framing this process in this way:  we are to control the narrative that goes on in our minds. Juxtaposed to renewing our minds is being conformed to this world or, to put it another way, believing false narratives. Real transformation can be experienced as we replace the false narratives with Biblical true ones. This Sunday we will continue to dive into this all important and life changing matter of controlling the narrative.

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