Witch Doctor Saved!

Pastor Paul sends us a report of a witch doctor

who gave his life to Jesus this past week along with four other witch doctors who also were saved and are now evangelizing their people. See the picture below.

Also, Pastor Paul reports that the drought in the northern Kenya region of Samburu continues to be very severe and causing great distress for the people living there.  He asks us to pray for the rain to return.

Here is a condensed version of a report from the “Nation.Africa” news website about the situation:

Starving families, in hunger-stricken parts of Northern Kenya, including Samburu, have been reduced to eating dogs and drinking dirty water to survive.  Most families in Ejuk village and adjacent regions are reportedly going through a rough time. No one is able to come to their aid due to the tough economic times amid the drought that has gone on for three years.  The administrator noted that more families are having a difficult time providing food for their children as drought decimates livestock, their only source of livelihood.  The Kenya Red Cross said in February that more than half of the population in Samburu is in need of urgent support following the longest drought in decades. The drought, which officials have termed as the worst in four decades, has threatened the livelihoods of nomadic pastoralists with massive livestock deaths amid a lack of water and pastures. The vast arid land is enduring one of its harshest droughts and locals have been pushed into crisis.

Please pray for rain!


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